Monday, November 26, 2012

yay you

So many feelings
trying to avoid
trying to suppress
but its normal
its healthy
you gotta feel
must let it out
dam of tears
but are they worthwhile
is moving on
life has gone on
for them
for him
for you
what about me
where do i fit in
when will my life move on
when will i have the joy
and the good

Breaking the News.... AGAIN



hmmm, how do i ask this....
are u drunk?
thats a good way to start

umm no
n's wife is 8 months prego
is that what ur nervous about telling me?

they actually had a baby
this morning
i'm not nervous to tell u, i'm nervous that yet again, i get to break the news to u

o wow! mazal tov!
thanks for letting me know


it does suck that u are the one to always tell me
but i appreciate it
did they name her yet?

someones gotta do it'

yeah seriously

not that i know of

i just found out they were expecting last week
but im really fine with it. so thanks for thinking of me
can i ask you an honest question?


what makes u decide to tell me these things?

cuz i figured u shud know from somene who u dont care to be flustered in front of than for somone to spring it on u randomly and by surprised

thanks s. u dont know how much that means
in all seriousness

anytime. thsts why im here....

now find ME someone

someone likke...(what exactly do u want)

someone decent. a mentch. w a job would be nice


and frum, in case u were wondering

yitz jakoby is single........(im kidding, i'm kidding)

thats hysterical
and puke worthy


im being serious
if u know any decent normal single guys
i just told esther. she didnt even know
im cracking up

the shul sent out an email hours ago...

yeah well theyre not part of t's
but app m knew and forgot to tell e

true true

i wonder what theyll name her


he better not use any of my names

why do u wonder?
got it

just curious

i hear ya...

im wondering what other news ull have to break to me in the future ;P

lol, i seem to be the one

gotta be someone

its ok. i have taken on the role of information sectratry

im sure u enjoy the title

absolutely. anything that has the name secratray makes me sound slutty. which is perfect


Monday, November 19, 2012

They're Prego

It's interesting how the mind and heart respond to news. Let me add mouth to that as well.
I get a text with a picture of a sonogram. The picture has a message attached to it that reads: "coming May 2013!" My first reaction is one of tremendous happiness and joy. This is one of my closest friends, who has been off the pill for 3.5 years. They have been married for almost 6 years. Now, all of our friends who are married have at least one kid and one friend is pregnant with number 3.
So there's definitely a lot going on in my head, although I think I'm in denial of my feelings. I am so so happy for my friend! I only want what's best for her and I have personally witnessed some of her hardships and life. If anyone deserves this, it is her!

A Shaila

Hi Rabbi H,

A friend of mine asked me a question last night and was too embarrassed to ask a rav so I told her I would email you.

The question is basically: what disqualifies a person from marrying a Kohen? We know that a divorcee is not allowed to but is but what about someone who has never been married? Do they HAVE to be a virgin? Does it make a difference whether or not she had relations with a Jew or non Jew? If a girl does marry a kohen and was not permitted, are her children mamzerim?

Thank you so much for all you do for my family!

Nice to hear from you R. I hope you are well.
If she was with a non- Jew intimately, she is forbidden to marry a Cohein, as well as remain married to a Cohein. The children are not mamzerim.

Good Shabbos,


When music makes u sad
Saturates Ur soul
Cuts Ur heart
Runs up and down Ur body
Notes flinging at u
Empty words filling w meaning
The melody that calls Ur name
A beat
A rhythm