Thursday, September 13, 2012


Do you believe in lightening
Instant gratification
Reward and punishment

Do you think G-d is directly involved
Is He watching that closely
Monitoring your every move

Do you feel you have free choice
Living life as you see fit
Making your own decisions

Do you see a direct correlation
A pattern of you actions
Consequences to every move

Cuz I do

Letter To my Rabbi

Hi Rabbi S,

Hope you and your family are doing well.

I just wanted to send you an email with a few thoughts. I heard from
B that the school is making a big change next year and becoming
a Bais Yaakov school. I am very sad to hear this news but I hope that
it is a success. The reason I am saddened by this news is because I
don't think Israel needs another Bais Yaakov type school and I think
A could fill an important void in the seminary out there. I think
that you have helped a lot of girls and could be an amazing school if
you aimed for 'the normal, modern girl'. I know that that type is not
easy and comes with a lot of struggles and heartache but it is so
worth it. There are so many girls that need a place to fit and be
loved for who they are. And yes, I speak from experience. I do not fit
into the frum girl mold and I have never wanted to. You opened your
school to me and your office and let me be who I needed to be.

I get that it's hard to run a school when you end up with misfits and
screw ups, but where are those girls supposed to go? Don't they still
deserve a chance? I know that there are probably a million reasons why
you have made this decision to change the school and I hope that it
will be successful. I would just like you to know that you have made a
huge difference in my life and it was only because of your open
mindedness and accepting nature. Thank you for always being there for
me, even if I didn't take advantage and didn't always show proper
hakaras hatov. I have definitely been affected by my Afikei
experience. I may not have always made the right decisions but I am
slowly coming back to being the real me. And i give you a lot of that

I wish you a ketiva vechatima tova and thank you from the bottom of
my heart for all you have done for me,