Monday, October 24, 2011

Left Behind

Almost gone from the body
Sucked out from the lunges
Threatening to suffocate
On its last wish

Fallen on the battlefield
Bleeding, wounded
Left behind
No survivors reported

At the players whim
Dispensable, expendable
Another piece of the “plan”
Then gone

Lodged in my chest
Consumed in my heart
Swallowed in my throat
Wedged in my stomach


Saturday, October 8, 2011

open ur hearts

:) Thank G-d, as of Thursday, I am officially divorced! I have chosen to share this news with all of you and not just my divorced ladies because I want you all to share in my freedom and happiness. I was able to go into Yom Kippur as a free woman, no longer bonded to a life that I wasn't living. I was able to feel some inspiration, which I haven't felt in a long time. I feel very lucky.

I have some thoughts that I want to share with you. Sukkos is coming up and there are six meals for first days and six meals for second days. In total that is 12 meals that you wonderful woman will be making for your families. You will sitting in your beautiful sukkas with your husbands and children and enjoying your yom tov. I know too many women who don't have meals for the upcoming holiday. Who eat a deli sandwich before Friday night and then go to sleep for most of Shabbos. Who miss havdalah a lot of weeks. my request for you is not to feel quilty or to be upset by what I'm writing. It is to be aware and open up your eyes. If there is an almana or divorced woman or man in your neighborhood, give them a call. Have your husband go up to him in shul and ask him what meal he's coming for. It means the world to us. You would be shocked to know how little invites we get. But we smile through it anyways.

If you want to know people in your neighborhood, I know plenty.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

confused guy

  • hey how was your fast..just wanted to say that as a 25 year old if u wanted to end things do it the right way instead of crying. i didnt even know we were going not mad or anything its just if u have to say something to me do it without crying. if the crying was an act it was a good one. i think youre a good person and maybe the long distance thing is too much. one thing more: were u angry that i said no to u coming this sat night? actually i was going to come to u on monday so we can discuss this but it doesnt matter now . i wish u luck with everything and may this year bring only good things. be well