Tuesday, August 30, 2011


i got separated more than a year ago and have my get. still waiting for my civil divorce. yadayada. not the point. point is that i used to be extremely close to my inlaws and exes family. he is one of 12. there are more than 50 immediate family members (while i have 5). i was especially close to his mom. who i called mommy. she welcomed me as one of her 9 daughters, and considered me her 10th. we even talked till the day before she knew it was over. where she told how lucky she was to have me in the family and how happy i make her son. obviously not knowing what was about to happen.

fast forward the rest of the past year and his family does not talk to me, pretends i do not exist. me and my ex had an amicable divorce, we talk once in a while. but his family walk by me and pretend i am a ghost. not even a cordial hello. they pretend they didnt see me in the mall or in the super market. and my mother in law who i called mommy who i talked to every day.(who get this, was even my mikva lady) we have nothing to do with each other. and honestly it breaks my heart.

now fast forward to two weeks ago. my mother falls ill and who comes to visit her in the hospital? non other than my ex mother in law. what the fuck??? yeah the one who doesnt talk to me. but she goes to visit my mom!! and then she goes again at my parents house.

no im completely horrified offended and betrayed. why dont u stick that knife into my heart and twist it right into my open wound!!! with all due respect, go visit a different sick person please. not my mother. i dont care that u were once machutonim. in my opinion its slightly tactless to do that to me. no??

especially when u wont have anything to do with me. please at least stay away from the rest of my family....

Sunday, August 7, 2011


she is such a good person
she has never hurt anyone
she loves every one
she cares
she smiles
she's kind

what did she do to you?
she's even a good jew
she loves god
she loves judaism

and yet she's been sick her whole life
nothing but pain
sickness after sickness
pill after pill

whats a child supposed to do when her mother cries to her
that she wants her to sneak her out of the hospital
and take her home